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Dear visitor,

We will remain open according to the regular opening hours on weekdays and Saturdays by appointment.

In addition to extra hygiene measures in the showrooms, no hands are shaken and we ask everyone to stay at 1.5 m distance to our personnel.

Please leave children at home and come alone or with your partner. We kindly ask visitors who do have a cold to postpone their visit until a later time when they are fit again.

So if you would like to come on a Saturday, please make an appointment with our advisors. You can schedule your appointment by mail or telephone. In this way we ensure sufficient spread on these usually very busy Saturdays.
Fear not, because there is sufficient spread on our 30,000m² large site.

Kind regards,
‘t Achterhuis team

30.000m2 d'expérience

kitchen-hand-made-from-old-oak fountain-and-anduze-pots
gate-with-columns showrooms
beaucoup-de-portes vase-in-front-of-an-antique-gate
Chez nous, vous trouverez la plus large gamme de produits au Benelux.

Depuis plus d'un demi-siècle, nos chasseurs d'antiquités se sont spécialisés dans la sélection de matériaux de construction anciens et de pièces uniques.

Créez votre propre histoire avec notre matériel.

't Achterhuis
't Achterhuis

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